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We’re Not A Shop, We’re A Movement

TAHAN Traverse XL Hammock, instant setup, easy assembly, comfortable, durable fabric, outdoor relaxation, portable design, sturdy frame, all-weather resistant, maximum weight capacity, premium materials, adjustable straps, quick installation, spacious, backyard lounging, camping essential, leisure time, stress-relief, ergonomic design, relaxation gear, best outdoor companion

We’re Not A Shop, 
We’re A Movement

A movement for those who are wild. For those who live their life by a compass. For those who are connected with the Earth. For those who are in love with every single creature. For those hikers who want the best gear for every travel and excursion.

Tropical Leisure Outdoor Equipment

Based in a tropical country, we understand the needs of outdoor enthusiast who are pursuing their adventures in the hot, humid and wet climate. We are constantly developing our products to bring the best comfort, durability and functionality for such conditions and beyond.

Our Philosophy

At Tahan Outdoor, we’re driven by a passion for making great gear that can survive the harshest conditions. Our philosophy is to be smarter and lighter, eliminating useless features so you only carry what you need. We’ve spent years tirelessly designing, testing and updating our designs to provide our customers with the highest quality outdoor experience they will ever have. Our team consists of adventurers, explorers and travelers, who all share a common interest in the natural world and all of its great wonders.

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