Outdoor Full Cover Bandana

Outdoor Full Cover Bandana


Have you ever had the need to google “How to tie a bandana?” or “Bandana tutorial”? With the Tahan Outdoor Full Cover Bandana, you no longer have to! With these convenient ear loops and elastic closure, putting them on has never been easier.

Easy Access with Earloop

These ear loops make it easy to put ’em on. They keep the bandana in place, so it can survive even the wildest headbangs in a rave party

12-in-1 Lifestyle

As the material is light and breathable, you can simply style it in a variety of ways! It can be worn as a scarf, a headband, or even as a face mask.

Full Face & Neck Closure

Doesn’t matter if you’re camera shy or you wanna withstand the blazing heat of the Sun, this bandana has got you covered (literally)

Premium Quality Guaranteed

Your experience is important to us, which is why we go the extra mile to ensure that the quality that we provide is top of the class. From Polyester mesh, lightweight components that can be installed quickly and easily. We did our homework, with extras, just for you.


Would You Invest In Yourself?

“There’s no denying that a great life begins with a great experience. Give this Tahan Outdoor Full Cover Bandana a test drive, and you can feel the different instantly!”

12-in-1 Lifestyle

Our precious Tahan Outdoor Full Cover Bandana has every outdoor enthusiast’s bandana covered (literally). You can style it in a variety of ways! It can be worn as a scarf, a headband, or even as a face mask! (Is it funny or not?) And believe me, you can style many more looks with this bandana.

Furthermore, because this bandana is unisex, ladies, you may take a first step (if you intend to wear a niqab one day! ), and this could be the very first way to try it on! Because the colour and design are so simple yet elegant, you can wear it every day with your favourite clothes!

The Game On Bandana

With its exceptional ability to wick moisture, this lightweight fabric keeps your face from becoming drenched in sweat as you venture outside. They keep the bandana in place so that it doesn’t fall off as easily if you need to violently shake your head for whatever reason.

But what if you start sweating and end up drenching your face in your own sweat? The polyester mesh fabric wicks away moisture so well that sweat does not accumulate on your face.

Full face and neck closure: Whether you’re camera shy or just want to stay cool in the sun, this bandana has you covered (literally).
The ear loops make it simple to put them on. They keep the bandana in place, allowing it to withstand even the wildest headbangs at a rave party.

People agree that this Tahan Outdoor Full Cover Bandana is very stylish headband!

Here's Why You Should Choose Our Tent


Well, our Tahan Outdoor Full Cover Bandana is working as a headband, of course but with a bit of twist, you can style it more than 12 different style (if you insist you have more style than us!).  Simply wear it on your head or neck and you’re good to go!

Taking care of your Tahan Outdoor Full Cover Bandana is super easy. You can hand-wash or machine-wash your bandana.  The material has been proven to last many washes.

Please refrain from rubbing it with a brush too hard.

Our bandana made of lightweight and breathable material, which you can wear for a long time.  Material: 92% polyester, 8% spandex

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Army Green, Dark Blue, Grey