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These 8 Weird Looking Plants Will Make You Go WTF

Now when it comes to plants, we all know nature has both the beautiful and the weird. The real question is – how weird can Mother Nature get? Here’s some that will bring in the LOLs and WTFs that are, depending on how you look at it, NSFW.

1. Orchis Italica – The Naked Man Orchid

Naked Man Orchid - Weird Plants
Image source: Desertcart

Sexy looking, pink and it’s… naked? This sexy flower is commonly found in the Mediterranean, and this is how they look from afar.

Image source: Media Storehouse

Well, speaking of dicks…

2. Peter Pepper – The Most Pornographic Pepper

peter pepper
Image source: Pepperheads For Life

Whoever named this “Peter Pepper” is a man or woman of culture. ‘Cuz, ya know… PP. Their sexually suggestive appearance has inspired a few hilarious names like “chilly willy” and of course, “penis pepper”.  

So how hot is this… penis pepper? It’s got a Scoville scale rating of about 10,000 to 23,000, which is about as spicy as an aleppo pepper and cheongyang chili pepper. It ain’t the hottest, but it’s up there on the scale.

3. Jackal Food

We do not advise putting a peter pepper inside.

Image source: animalworld.tubmlr

The Jackal Food grows underground and the fleshy-looking flower emerges from the ground, all while producing an odor of shit (yes, I’m serious) to attract beetles and its natural pollinators.

The smell is no joke and this is one really weird plant. 

4. Ghost Orchid

It looks both like a really happy flower jumping in excitement and an actual ghost trying to scare you. If anything, they actually look cute.

Image source: Technician Online

This rare and endangered plant can be found in moist, swampy forests in south-western Florida and the Caribbean Islands.

5. Impatiens bequaertii – Dancing Girl Orchid

Even Mother Nature loves ballet, I suppose? This rare species from the rainforests of East Africa resembles dancing girls with dresses. 

This rare species from the rainforests of Africa is pretty small at only 1.3cm long, give or take. But hey, at least their shape makes up for it!

6. Corpse Flower

Not only does it look pretty weird for a flower, it also smells like a rotting corpse just like the Rafflesia. And I ain’t exaggerating.

Its horrendous smell of rotting corpses can attract pollinators like flies and beetles from literally miles away.

7. Monkey Tail Cactus

Are those overly stretched cat tails or green giant gummy worms that look so fluffy you wanna squish em? 

Image source: Succulent City

Title kinda gave it away but yep, that’s the monkey tail cactus commonly found in Santa Cruz, Bolivia and they grow flowers!!!

8. Doll’s-eyes – White baneberry

This alien-looking, poisonous set of eyeballs look like something straight out of an alien planet in sci-fi movies, and can be found in eastern North America.

Image Source: Gardening Know How

The eyeballs aren’t actually doll’s eyes if you haven’t figured that out already, but those berries are the most poisonous part of the plant to humans – it’ll lead to cardiac arrest and death.

For birds though, the berries’ toxins have no effect on them, and they act as their primary seed dispersers.

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