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Reviews From Our Happy Customers

We know you’ll fall in love with our Tahan Outdoor Collection, but don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our lovely customers have to say…

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TAHAN BaseCamp 4 Tent
Ammar Salehan
Worked really great

Worked great for my purpose – to set up a play area in our backyard. It was easy to set up and super light. It really fun to camping with this tent and I cant wait to try it when I going camping. The tent functionally really great and I’m quite happy that I bought it. Highly recommended!

Good Job TAHAN

So far so good. Very easy to assemble, just pop up the tent and we are ready to camping. It takes a few tries to put back in the bag gracefully. I practiced that in my living room first. Overall, we really recommended this tent to everyone who wants to camping but lazy to setup tent.

TAHAN BaseCamp 4 Tent
Yasmin Saffiyah
Best purchases ever

I have been camping with the TAHAN BaseCamp 4 Tent for about a year now and I can tell you it’s one of the best purchases I have ever made! The tent is quick and easy to set up and pops up like an umbrella. It offers excellent ventilation so things don’t get too warm or stale. This tent can withstand strong winds, too – which is a big plus!

I love the tent so much!

I have had the privilege of using TAHAN BaseCamp 4 Tent for over a month now and I am finally ready to share my thoughts. Everything about this tent is perfect and fit my expectations. I really love that it can pop up just like umbrella and I did not take too much time to setup the tent. The space was large for 4 people and most importantly the tent is breathable with ventilation windows. Overall, this tent just need many attention from many people.


I bought the TAHAN BaseCamp 4 Tent because I needed something that was quick and easy to set up, could withstand strong winds, and had excellent ventilation. All of these traits are what really stood out to me in this particular tent. If you’re looking for a reliable tent that will last a long time in all sorts of weather, I would highly recommend this one!

Everything is perfect

We took the TAHAN BaseCamp 4 Tent on our family camping trip and it was perfect! It was so easy to set up and pop up, like an umbrella. The weather was beautiful and we had a great time. Our TAHAN tent withstood strong winds over two days without any issues. It has excellent ventilation, is water-resistant, and with a 4-person capacity, it’s perfect for any family camping trip.

Perfect for family of 4

I can’t recommend the TAHAN BaseCamp 4 enough. It’s been the best family camping tent we have ever had and I don’t think I’ll go back to the old tent after this. Pops up in no time, has a perfect capacity for our family of four, and can withstand strong winds. The extra ventilation is an added bonus too!

Spacious space for 4 people

I promise you that if you own the TAHAN BaseCamp 4 Tent, you will have the most pleasant camping experience of your life. My friends and I bought one of these tents last year and we were so impressed with how quick and easy it was to set up in the dark, rain, or wind. It was also so spacious inside that we could all sit inside together without feeling claustrophobic.

Excellent ventilation

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to set up a tent in minutes then this is the one for you. It has excellent ventilation and can withstand strong winds, even through monsoon season. It’s also water resistant, which is really convenient when camping near bodies of water or even just camping in the rain.

Easy to setup alone

I can’t believe I was able to put this tent up in under a minute myself. Honestly, I thought it would take a lot more time than that. The instructions were really clear and straightforward too, so it’s not like I had to read through pages and pages of instructions before getting the hang of it. It doesn’t feel flimsy at all when you’re inside; you never have to worry about strong winds or rain because the tent durability.

Live-saver tent

I had the TAHAN BaseCamp 4 Tent with me on my recent camping trip to the Gopeng Hiking and I can honestly say that it was a life-saver. All other tents take so long to setup and it’s such a hassle. Not this one, though. It popped up in seconds and we had plenty of space for four people inside, which is great! I’d recommend it to anyone who will be going camping, buy this amazing tent.

TAHAN BaseCamp 4 Tent
Ikhmal Syakir
Good Job TAHAN

I have been using my TAHAN BaseCamp 4 Tent for over a year now. I love how quick and easy it is to set up this tent. It’s literally as easy as popping it up like an umbrella and then spreading the sides out to secure the tent. It also has excellent ventilation with two vents on each side of the tent, keeping me cool in hot weather.


I took the TAHAN BaseCamp 4 Tent camping with my friends last weekend. At first we were in a bit of a panic because the wind was so strong that we couldn’t put it up by ourselves. But then someone had an idea: we all grabbed an edge and lifted it up together, then twisted the middle inwards to pop it into shape. It even has these awesome poles that twist into place afterwards and make sure everything set up perfect. Overall, this tent highly recommended to everyone.

Easier to set up

I just got the TAHAN BaseCamp 4 Tent and it’s already been on 3 different camping trips with me. It’s much lighter than my previous tent and even easier to set up. I love how it pops up like an umbrella, giving me more ground space in the tent and ensuring I never touch any wet or dirty parts of the tent. My friends were so impressed with how quickly it set up that they took down their old tent and buy this TAHAN tent instead.

TAHAN is the bomb

The TAHAN BaseCamp 4 Tent is the best tent I have ever used. I had a five-year old who helped me set it up and she was very pleased with the ease of use! It popped up like an umbrella with no parts or poles to crawl around on the ground looking for– it was just so easy! The four-person capacity was perfect for my family and we slept comfortably through strong winds.

Quick and Easy

TAHAN BaseCamp 4 Tent is by far the best tent that I have ever come across. The pop-up design makes it quick and easy to set up and the four person capacity ensures that all my family members will be comfortable. The high quality fabric ensures stability in strong winds, and all windows are equipped with excellent ventilation, which ensured that our stay was a pleasant one. Water resistance also helped us not worry about inclement weather.


I just came back from a camping trip with my family and the TAHAN BaseCamp 4 Tent was absolutely fantastic. Setting it up was a breeze, it is so easy to erect, and we even had some strong winds blowing while we were there. It never swayed at all and I felt completely safe. My family loved it too!

Performing Well

I have never been so excited about a tent in my life. I am not a camper and the idea of sleeping in the wilderness while it rains sounds like hell to me. But, this tent is so easy to set up, is water-resistant, and has excellent ventilation. I literally just need 30 seconds to pop it up and take care of my camping needs for the night!

Sturdy Tent!

This is a really good, sturdy tent! It was super easy to set up and popped up like an umbrella. We also love how there is excellent ventilation. Our family enjoys camping a lot, but our old tent had so many problems with condensation and we couldn’t stay in it with the rain coming down on us. This one is so much better. It’s water-resistant too, so when sudden rainfall happens you don’t have to worried.

Excellent option for a family of 4

The TAHAN BaseCamp 4 Tent is an excellent option for a family of 4. It’s quick and easy to set up, pops up like an umbrella, has 4-person capacity, excellent ventilation and can withstand strong winds. It also includes a floor area with matting, a large vestibule for storage space and a water-resistant coating.

Really Glad that I Found This

TAHAN Hydration Bladder is the best hydration bladder on the market! I am a pro athlete and I have used so many other hydration bladders. None of them come close to being as easy and well-designed as TAHAN’s bladder. The ergonomic mouthpiece with an on/off valve makes it much easier to drink water while running or hiking.

Great for hiking

The TAHAN Hydration Bladder is a great for hiking. It has an ergonomic mouthpiece with an on/off valve and a mouthpiece dust cover to keep it clean. It’s also made of TPE and PVC and it’s easy to use. I love the design of this bladder.

Awesome for hiking

I really love this bladder. The ergonomic mouthpiece is a dream and the long tube makes refills easy. I have never used a bladder with a dust cover before, but it’s been great not worrying about keeping my mouthpiece clean! It’s also awesome that the whole thing is made of TPE and PVC so I don’t have to worry about leaking into my pack or anywhere else.

Totally in love

I am totally in love with my TAHAN Hydration Bladder. I used to use the old school water bottles and they were a pain. This hydration bladder is great because not only does it come with a mouthpiece that is ergonomic, it also has an on/off valve right on the hose so you can drink without removing it from your mouth. Plus, there’s a dust cover for when you’re not using it.

It is both simple and light

TAHAN is the best hydration bladder I have ever used! It is both simple and light, which makes it super easy to use. The ergonomic mouthpiece with an on/off valve allows me to drink effortlessly and prevents the need for a marker or a second person to squeeze water into my mouth. The cover on the mouthpiece keeps it clean and dry so I can’t worry about bacteria growth.