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Reviews From Our Happy Customers

We know you’ll fall in love with our Tahan Outdoor Collection, but don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our lovely customers have to say…

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Perfect Gift for Father

I bought this hammer for my father. I gave him this for father’s day two days ago and now, he already started using this hammer for his daily use. He love to repair electronic devices and this hammer suits his needs very well. Thanks to TAHAN for this lovely product!!

Amazing Hammer

This gadget is amazing! It’s compact and works in a variety of situations. It is very useful especially when I don’t have my normal tools around!


1. It’s Strong but tiny. Doesn’t occupy lot of space.
2. It’s very sturdy and handy. Fits nicely into your hand.
3. Multipurpose tool. Works like a hammer, plier, wire cutters, bottle opener, knife and many more.
4. Convenient grip and safe pouch for storage.
5. It has multiple safety locks

Best Tools

Look at this! I am a girl who love to fix things in my house, where I don’t need anyone else to help me. But before this, the only problems I faced is I don’t have sufficient tools. But now with this TAHAN Multitools Hammer, I have the least tools I need to fix almost anything..

Best Gift for Fiance

Got this for my fiancé. He’s a handy man who fixes appliances all day long. He’s constantly in need of odd tools… this is just perfect for him! He keeps it with him every day! He loves it. I had to buy an extra for our house for when he’s not home!

Nice Packaging

Nice packaging, comes with a box and a storage bag which makes this hammer super safe. There are also images printed on the box to inform the buyers about the tools on the hammer. Thanks to the seller for a very superb service!

Top Quality Hammer

Perfect grip pliers. Both flat surface hammer and emergency hammer also seems like would work well. The other tools on the hammer are on the grip, (including screwdrivers, knife, etc.)

Perfect for Gift

This is the best gift for anyone that camps or just to have in your car for emergencies. This thing has it all. I will be purchasing more of these as Christmas presents! Sleek design! This thing is genius. Lightweight and compact.

Complete and Perfect

* A multi-tool for use in the car or for minor repairs around the house.
* Made of stainless steel.
* Comfortable and simple to hold.
* Includes a pouch for storage
* Consists of all camping equipment, from tools for cutting ropes or tiny plants to can and bottle openers.

High Quality

Super quality. The tools on the hammer were shown on the box. All of them were listed on it and I can easily know the tools in the hammer. I have to admit that this hammer is literally good. Very suitable for emergency use.

Perfect for Gift

I purchased this for my husband as a last-minute Father’s Day gift to include with other goods. He ultimately loved it and felt it was ideal for his car. It has so many convenient features that he does not need to carry various items in his car.


These gift was one of the best birthday gifts I ever gave to my dad. he’s used it quite a while and goes with it everywhere because it’s a multifunctional item eg, file nails, cut wires,an opener etc.

Perfect Hammer

This hammer appears much better in real than in the photos. These pliers are powerful enough to remove old nails and staples and to twist wire. The wire cutters are sufficiently sharp and sturdy to cut electrical lines. These knives are so sharp that I was even able to cut drywall with them. The handle fits my hand and is significantly stronger than it appears in the image. The grip on the pliers’ handle is exceptional and prevents it from falling out.

Very Useful Item for Emergency

When I got it for my dad for his birthday, he enjoyed it so much that he ended up ordering two more pieces to give to his friends. It’s definitely going to be very handy to keep it in your car or truck.

Full Package Hammer

* A multi-tool to keep with you in the car or small home fixes.
* Made up of Stainless steel.
* Comfortable and easy to grip.
* Comes with a pouch for storage
* Have all handy tools for camping from cutting ropes or small plants to can& bottle openers.

Multifunction Hammer

I am sick of looking for my tools or having to run out to the shed for something, so I am going to get this for myself. I am sure it will make my life easier. I put it in the small tool box I keep inside my house. The size and weight of the hammer are ideal for the tasks that I use it for, such as hanging artwork and repairing objects. I believe that this would be a fantastic present for anyone who enjoys camping or, like myself, would simply use it around the house.

Worth Buying

I just received this, so I can’t tell the durability, but from what I can see, it looks really good. This has a thumb flip on the blade, and opens easily. The attachments are exactly as described, and all seem to be well machined and fit nicely.

The one thing to know is that this is a pretty good in size tool. But it really does work well, and I like it. For the money, it’s amazing

5 star hammer

The design is very suitable for outdoor use.
There is also a free storage bag too. This bag is literally useful as a safety features and I could also avoid any defect on the hammer. Overall, I am satisfied with this product by TAHAN especially on the quality.
5 star!

High Quality Hammer

Neat design. The best mini hammer I ever bought. All these time I keep buying the low quality hammer with low prices. Now I decided to spend out a little bit for this TAHAN multitools hammer and I dont think I will regret my decision. I’m used to TAHAN products and since TAHAN started selling this multitools hammer, I’m confident enough that this hammer will last much longer than other brands in the market.

Strong and Small Solid Hammer

Solid hammer! Even if its kinda small in size, but I believe that this hammer can do more that any other hammer. And look, TAHAN logo was printed on the hammer. An absolutely creative and innovative design from TAHAN. A trusted product with superb service provided by the seller. 5 star!

Strong Hammer

Made with strong steel, I am confident that this hammer could do whatever it should do. This hammer was made for people who loves outdoor activities, and this hammer will absolutely helps during emergency situations. I’m quite attracted with the emergency hammer which I didn’t ever saw any emergency hammer included in a multitools hammer before.

Amazing Design

Look at these tools! Amazing design.
TAHAN could just put these all features in one product and I believe that this one will be the best tools from now on. I could use this hammer in everything I do no matter its indoor or even outdoor. The hammer also comes with TAHAN logo which makes this hammer much better!

Suitable for Camping

Another camping tools collection.
Since I’m active in camping activities, I love to buy things related to camping and this hammer is my newly purchase tools. I guess there’re many things that this hammer could do especially during emergency situations. I’m satisfied with this hammer. More that satisfied!

Multiuse hammer

All of the tools on this hammer is incredibly useful. The emergency hammer, pliers, wire cutter, and even fish scaler are on this hammer. What a nice product it is. I could now imagine how I’m going to use this hammer in almost everything I do from today onwards.

Many functions included

The best multitools hammer ever!
I just can’t imagine that this hammer have all 12 features on it, even bottle opener included!
Top product by TAHAN! I love it so much…